Crowdfunding on Multiple Platforms: Why You Don’t Have to Choose Just One

Crowdfunding lowers the barrier to entry for budding entrepreneurs by solving the problem of startup capital.

With Kickstarter being the leading platform, however, have you ever wondered what else is out there?

On this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from two entrepreneurs who successfully launched the same product on Kickstarter, then Indiegogo, then other crowdfunding sites, to gain international exposure and maximize their efforts.

Jay Neyer and Ross Oltorik are the founders of BodyBoss: the world’s first home gym you can take anywhere.

“Keep that momentum rolling…go straight from Kickstarter to Indiegogo. So if someone saw an old Facebook post they could still have a way to buy the product even if the Kickstarter ended.”

Tune in to learn

  • How to transition from a product-based business to a service to increase your customer lifetime value
  • How to launch on multiple crowdfunding platforms
  • How to sell your product through international distributors


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