www.bookyourwish.com website strictly focuses on the privacy of our customers’ and our loyalty towards our commitment.

The policy discloses the practice by which we gather the necessary information through our website.

The Information that is collected, when you sign up for a bookyourwish.com account and want to avail the products & services that is offered by our website, we safely store all the information that is provided by you. We make use of an order form whereby we provide the opportunity to our customers to request for information, products & services. We also collect the contact information (email address & mobile number) of our visitors along with the financial information (credit card & debit card). We use contact information to send orders to the customers along with the information of our company. The information can also be used to communicate with the customers, as and when need arises. On the other hand, financial information gathered to invoice customer for different kinds of products and services. The mailing and promotional calls can be stopped by the user if required by following the steps given in Choice/Opt-out below.

Uses of the collected information

In order to improve the online customer experience, bookyourwish.com makes use of the information collected.
Thus when you sign in, it authenticate you and send notification through email.
Your request can be fulfilled for different product & services.
We will use the information for customizing the advertisements and content according to the customer’s need.
Information used for capturing data insights for internal and external clients.

Sharing of Information

You can be assured that bookyourwish.com does not believe in sharing any personal information with any individual, company or organization.
Information is only shared if we have consent from your side unless

We are working with some reliable partners that agree to accept our terms & conditions and also agree to sign a confidentiality agreement.
We also respond to court orders or any other legal processes in order to exercise or establish the legal rights for defending any claims.
We may also disclose the information of those customers who may come in terms of suspicion for any fraud or illegal transaction.
Then their information will be used for legal processes or investigation by the court.
This website may have pop-ups of other website and the information given to them is not our responsibility.

Data integrity

www.bookyourwish.com collected the customer’s personal information and processes it in accordance with the privacy policy.
We ensure that the data we collected, stored for different process practices needed to provide the meaningful online service to the customer.
Thus, we request our customer’s to provide the data as accurate as possible.

Security & Confidentiality
www.bookyourwish.com restricts access of the personal information to the employees, moderator, contractors and agents for updates,
delivery and for improvement of the product and services. They have to abide to the confidentiality agreement failing which they will be terminated.

Customers can unsubscribe the email at any point of time according to their desire by following the suggestion given at the bottom of the www.bookyourwish.com

Contacting bookyourwish.com

If there is any changes that you would like to make in your current information then do remove your previous contact details so that you don’t get any updates in your old contacts. You can also be with us through the following contacts:

Email: service@bookyourwish.com